Core strengths of OTA technology

Redstone is the major professional automotive OTA upgrade company, possessing professional device upgrade capability and profound development of on-board  system in China.Redstone has rich experience in upgrading optimization, upgrade dependence, upgrade integrity, upgrade security, upgrade affairs, upgrade distribution and other core technologies.

  • OTA technology only depends on a single on-board software client-side and can update any vehicular ECU.

  • Non-on-board technology can be connected through OBDII, realizing OTA function within traditional framework.

  • Intelligent optimization and compression technology of delta file.

  • Update all types of electronic contol units of vehicular system, including multi-module softwares.

  • Whole-life-cycle management system specially developed for bill of material, task management and report.

  • Using safe cloud and client-side, safe network ensures vehicular integrity.

  • Modulized platform framework of solution is expandable.

  • Capture big data and encapsulate the data as practical content.

  • Global project tracking is performed via cloud and network interfaces.

  • Upgrade content intelligently depends on analysis and upgrade support is provided. Either all is successful or all is rolled back.


1、Artificial intelligence differential technology

By adopting optimized smart differential package technology based on artificial intelligence and profound study, Auto OTA of Redstone is able to achieve the followings:

  • Sizes of automotive software packages vaying from KB to GB.

  • Reduction of data transferred and pocessed can evidently reduce costs and resources required by update.

  • The difference of new version software is much moe less than update content of the whole version, so solely sending incremental software files will help to some extent.

Corresponding applications include electronic control unit software or binary file update of other original hardware, on-board navigation map data, music, pictures, videos and user customized content, update of operating system, applications and software package etc.

 2、 Realization of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistant System) upgrade of mass production vehicle

Superiority of OTA of Redstone in ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) upgrade:

  • Safety

    Update package with multi-layer encrypted signature and decryption signature verification in vehicle.

  • Stability

    ADAS Fota Project of Redstone has passed trans-scenary pressure test with high intensity.

  • Expandability

    The project supports parallel docking with other manufacturers’ADAS upgrade except Baidu.

  • Trans-platfom

    FotaClient SDK of Redstone supports trans-OS and trans-chipset platforms

E.g:  BAIDU has tried OTA of Redstone for ADAS upgrade




Accumulatively serves 670 million users, 5800 models of cellphones, IoT devices and auto terminals.

Redstone has achieved cooperation with Chery, BYD, ECAR, CONCOX and the cumulative number of vehicle using OTA service of Redstone is 730 thousand curently, with 2,200 new OTA on-line activated vehicles each day.