2023-08-08 17:35:11
Support for telecom carrier standards and OMA protocols
OMA organization members, OMA client and full server end-to-end capabilities
Does not support OMA international standards, only supports proprietary protocols
Intellectual property
National invention patent, IPR global patent is risk free
No patent protection, there is intellectual property risk
Support multiple hardware platforms
Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, MTK, Marvell, Lianxin, Samsung, Broadcom, etc.
Limited platform support
Strong server processing power
Carrier-class server cluster
Support 600 million equipment upgrades, covering 185 countries worldwide
Telecom operator E2E success story
Operator E2E Success Story: China Mobile Group and Korea Telecom
No telecom carrier end-to-end case
Extremely rich in functions
Grayscale upgrade, flexible combination of multiple strategies, power-off protection, big data analysis, remote diagnosis, parallel upgrade, terminal UI open source, standard SDK, complete documentation
Upgrade function is relatively simple
High security
Carrier-grade security, zero-user complaints
An outbreak of security incident is being sued by overseas countries
Google cooperation
Google approved OTA service provider
Strong customizable ability
Support deep customization from OTA interface to server and function