2023-08-08 17:35:00
Differential packet size
Less than 5% of ROM
Greater than 15% of ROM
Resource occupation
1.5M byte space occupying RAM during operation
Running needs greater than 3M
Upgrade format
Support for BIN partitioning and file system
Only BIN partitions are supported
resume from break-point
Download process interrupt point resume, able to support file system and BIN partition
Only BIN partitions are supported
Breakpoint protection
Power-off protection during upgrade
not support
Differential tool
Online automatic differential tool, login to create difference
Need to send a package, then return to the differential package
OTA background service
Provide a complete client + server solution
Some manufacturers do not provide
Download method
1 device independent download via GPRS, wifi
2 After the mobile phone download is completed, it is transmitted via Bluetooth
3 serial port transmission upgrade package solution
Only support device independent download, or download module is not provided