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ARM is the dominant player in the field of mobile terminal chips, and its status is better than that of Intel in the traditional PC and server fields. In the smartphone and tablet market, ARM architecture chips have scored 95%. ARM has been the mobile device chip market with efficiency and low power consumption. It has become the world's leading provider of semiconductor processor and digital architecture intellectual property (IP), providing chips to world-renowned chip designers and manufacturers. Architecture technical standards.

The ARM IoT Smart City Innovation Center project consists of four major components: the ARM Smart City Experience Center (EBC) six venues, including transportation, security, infrastructure, environmental, medical, and building; Construction of urban IoT access platform, including IoT access platform software, park-level LoRa access network and integrated data management platform; intelligent building construction, including building virtualization system, comprehensive sensing and basic intelligent content construction; smart street light display The project construction includes the deployment of smart street lights around the H5 building block and around the lake.

Smart cities need to have the support of various IoT devices, such as smart street lights, smart buildings, smart lights and elevators in buildings, and cmp is responsible for connecting the management platform, that is, controlling all smart devices. It is the core focus of integrating the whole project. After many considerations, ARM and ag捕鱼官网 (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongshi Sunshine) have reached a strategic cooperation on the cmp platform.



Founded in 2011, ag捕鱼官网 is a national high-tech enterprise and a professional DM/FOTA solution provider. As a leading mobile software management technology expert and solution provider, Hongshi has accumulated more than 600 million equipment installations. The products have covered 185 countries and regions around the world.

As the Internet of Things era of Internet of Everything comes, ag捕鱼官网 is one of the world's major IoT technology companies. It has been paying attention to the development and operation of smart connected products, and strives to realize the interoperability and perception of IOT devices of different brands. Features.

ag捕鱼官网 became the contractor and partner of ARM's CMP platform . It is a new breakthrough for ag捕鱼官网 in the field of cmp, and further consolidates the position of Redstone in the FOTA field.



Recently, ARM and the ag捕鱼官网 officially reached a cooperation. In the ARM IoT Smart City Innovation Center project, the cmp link platform is a very important core control function. ag捕鱼官网 will provide a professional technical team to provide corresponding adaptation versions for its products. In addition, ag捕鱼官网 also supports big data platforms in this project to provide analytical capabilities for massive IoT data. Provide safe, stable and reliable services to ARM's smart city.

This cooperation is a new breakthrough for Redstone in the field of Internet of Things, laying a good foundation for deep cooperation with ARM in the future. The two sides are strong and strong, and they must be able to achieve good cooperation. The Internet of Things era of the Internet of Everything is coming, and more friends are expected to jointly expand the Internet of Things industry market, build smart cities, and enhance the interoperability of all things.




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