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Recently, the AuToPros2018 decision makers' mobile travel technology conference hosted by the Policymakers Group and the Guoxin Policymakers Industrial Research Institute ended successfully on November 29th in Shanghai. At the meeting, Mr. Han Liguang, CEO of Redstone, made an important speech on the topic of “Automotive Network OTA Upgrade Solution”, the following is an interview record:


What is the original intention of Redstone to participate in the decision-making mobile travel technology conference?

Mr. Han Liguang: Thanks to the organizers of the conference, I am very happy to talk with experts and exchange cars today. Before I talk about the OTA upgrade, I want to talk about the HMI interaction and my understanding of HMI. I used to be a mobile phone, and I have some experience with HMI. First of all, please think about a question. What is the difference between HMI between car and mobile phone? Most people think that the most important interaction is to ensure safe travel. Most of the vehicle interactions currently implemented are controlling the steering wheel, braking and other necessary functions. The time and frequency of car interaction is still several orders of magnitude worse than a mobile phone. So the way we interact with HMI is very different from that of mobile phones.

Speaking of car OTA, you can share the number. Every year, 2 billion mobile phones are upgraded through OTA, so OTA has become the need of mobile phones and is necessary for car development. Let me introduce the platform of Redstone. Our goal is to build the first brand of China's automotive service OTA. Our aim is to let your car continue to evolve itself. Forever, the software can continuously update itself after the car has OTA. Iterative, functionally can make a better evolution.


What kind of development stage is the current Redstone OTA business? How is business progress?

Mr. Han Liguang: Founded in 2011, Redstone is a national high-tech enterprise and the professional OTA service provider . We have established subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. A very important indicator in the OTA upgrade is the differential technology. The difference between Redstone is the top two in the world. We have a lot of invention patents. At present, Redstone covers 670 million devices, and more than 5,800 mobile phones, IoT devices and car users use our services. We serve customers around the world based on the world, and Redstone's OTA is used in 226 countries. Our cooperation with telecom operators has also made significant progress. In 2015, we signed a contract with China Mobile Group. Now we have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with Korea Telecom.

In the big Internet brand companies, we also have cooperation, including BAT, for Baidu's automatic driving, ADAS upgrade service. NetEase's authentic hardware also provides upgrade services. Today's headlines, Didi Travel and some chip companies: MediaTek, Qualcomm, Broadcom, they also use the Redstone OTA upgrade service.


What advantages does Redstone have in automotive OTA?

Mr. Han Liguang: Redstone is the professional OTA service provider. It is the earlier in the development of automotive OTA in China. In addition, we have experience in serving large enterprise customers. We use mobile, ARM, Samsung, ZTE, Tencent, Didi and other well-known domestic manufacturers. We have a lot of experience in landing. Another point is our core technology advantage. The feeling that we have communicated with the OEMs for so many years is that many OTA service providers have no publicity, and the OEM can only handle you for the first time, and the service experience is not good. Whether there is a really good technology can help the OEM to solve problems and do a good job, this is the basic point of OTA services.

What is the Redstone OTA sales model?

Mr. Han Liguang: From the business model, Redstone OTA is mainly sold to the OEM. We are now also studying the underlying to user side design. We also offer blockchain technology solutions that provide management and competitive analysis for car owners' clubs. When it comes to competitive advantage, Redstone is very early in doing car networking products, and it started in 2013. Now, 730,000 vehicles are connected to the Redstone platform.We have a lot of overall advantages, we have artificial intelligence differential technology, we can do differential upgrades including ground navigation data, navigation, ECU control and so on.

OTA's business introduction is divided into three parts: car, cloud, and client. We are based on a platform of 100 million. What is the difference between us and TSP? They are more about the products and hardware of the car, we will use the mobile Internet's concurrency technology to attract computing power to do the car, which is a very big advantage. A very important goal for car interaction is to provide safe and comfortable travel. All these things around travel are very important. For Redstone, we use OTA services to make car owners enjoy safer and more comfortable travel. OTA repair software, gearbox, engine bugs.


What is the progress of Redstone OTA in mobile phone car interconnection? What are the success stories?

Mr. Han Liguang: In contrast, mobile phones are used more frequently. In the speeches of Li Kai’s recurrence table a few days ago, 96% of the time is not used, only 4% of the time is in the car, and 4% in each. 0.5% is looking for a parking space and there is parking. The time and frequency of car interaction is still several orders of magnitude worse than a mobile phone. So the way we interact with HMI is very different from that of mobile phones. The BMW just said that light is the interaction of the screen, and the car has more bodies, its seats, physical buttons and more sensors. A mobile phone has 2,000 hardware, and a traditional car has about 30,000 devices. The global shipment of mobile phones is more than 2 billion, which is relatively large compared with cars. So I think you can think about it on the HMI, not just the touch screen, but also other physical buttons.

Our entire OTA upgrade process, from the end to the cloud, to the download to the car has a very complete process, including the overall verification. In fact, we are also developing new products. Why should I say mobile phones? In fact, we are researching and benchmarking all TSP vendors, including car manufacturers, its content ecology, Internet ecology, and why TSP is not currently able to make money in the car. company of? Because most of our car owners do not drive automatically, 90% of the energy is placed on the driving itself. The car owner usually leaves the car after stopping driving, instead of staying in the car for a long time like professional drivers such as drip drivers and taxi drivers.

Car interaction is the interaction between machine electronics, electronic control equipment, manufacturing, and communication. We have many partners to do HMI travel. What can OTA bring to automakers? The driver of the three aspects, the first is the driver of the service, the pressure of the automobile manufacturers is also relatively large, and the manufacturers who use the OTA service in the future are more competitive. The second is profit-driven, car OEMs can upgrade through software, get the income of the owner's value-added services, rather than simply improve profit margins and after-sales maintenance. The third is cost-driven, car owners can upgrade their cars at home or anywhere, as long as there is a network connection, this self-service upgrade service is more cost-effective.

The factors that employers use OTA are more direct, and Tesla has done very good maintenance. One of the problems encountered by car owners when using the car upgrade service is whether the new features are acceptable. This piece of OTA can also help car owners solve the pain points. In the Chinese auto market, there are 24 million new cars in China. The future trend of the car is electric, automatic, sharing, interconnected, and updated year by year. The OTA is in line with the future development direction. Therefore, we communicate with the car factory and exchange more is to bring innovative business models to the manufacturers. It can have a new service model, such as we communicate with the new host factory, can upgrade the skin package or new mode, the owner FMI can be customized, these are the highlights.

In the case of our success stories, including Chery, BYD, Beiqi New Energy Vehicle, and East Windmill, etc., all use Redstone OTA. Including we are also carrying out post-installation upgrades, including car recorders and car-mounted rear-loading. In the future we will have some products, such as AI recognition, in-vehicle security, face recognition and so on. We are now discussing the Internet of Vehicles ten years later. How do we solve the current problem? How do you enjoy the car networking service now? This is more realistic, and this is also the focus of future research. We also hope to discuss such issues with the car manufacturers.

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